Are You Being Served - Series 10 DVD


An ailing department store where the management are beginning to show signs of wear and tear and the staff are clashing! The tenth series of this classic comedy finds Mr. Humphries Mrs.Slocombe Miss Brahms Captain Peacock Mr Rumbold and Mr Berry up to their necks in shop floor scandal and shenanigans as usual.

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17 April 2019
210 minutes 
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Please note this is a region 2 DVD and will require a region 2 or region free DVD player in order to play The last series of this classic comedy opens with all staff who have reached a certain age being made redundant including MrsSlocombe Refusing to leave Grace Brothers she becomes a cleaner and her position is filled by a younger woman The staff decide to get her back no matter what it takes especially since MrsSlocombe&39;s replacement has turned out to be a very annoying woman  Captain Peacock has serious marital trouble A certain Miss Bagnold is completely infatuated with him and when she joins Grace Brothers Captain Peacock soon finds his position unbearable He must choose whether he will stay with Mrs Peacock or not and is prepared to go to extreme measures to solve his problems While the staff stay late at the store stocktaking two burglars break into the store and capture Miss Brahms Captain Peacock and MrSpooner While impersonating the most dangerous gangster family of the underworld MrsSlocombe MrHarman and MrHumphries pull out all the stops to get the police to the store and capture the burglars In the final episode of Are You Being Served? it appears as though MrSpooner will be sacked But after a raving review by a local newspaper for his singing performance at a recent concert a record company offers him a contract The staff eagerly await to be cast as back-up singers and ensuring the series ends on a high the stars of the show perform a musical performance to remember! This release contains all the episodes from the classic sitcom&39;s tenth and final series Goodbye Mrs Slocombe - Mrs Slocombe is forcibly retired from her position Mr Humphries and Captain Peacock get her job back but they are retired in the same manner They end the show as the cleaner and the lift operator Grounds For Divorce - Captain Peacock&39;s marriage appears to be in trouble The rest of the staff soon discover that Miss Bagnold is his unwanted paramour The Hold Up - It is closing time when two ruthless criminals enter the scene What can be done to save the assets of the store? The staff hatch an incredible plan and it almost works Gambling Fever - The staff like to bet on horse races After being caught watching the race in Dr Rumbold&39;s office Mr Humphries goes to the sports department and mimes the race to the rest of the staff over the security camera The Night Club - The staff film a commercial for a nightclub to the run in the store The picture is lost when the ad is shown leaving only the sound making the nightclub sound like a harem Friends and Neighbors - The staff are offered accommodation on the premises to save time and money on traveling But they soon find that flat-sharing is not altogether a bed of roses The Pop Star - Mr Spooner&39;s vocal talents are discovered during the staff show He is signed by a record company and the staff appears on TV performing the song when Mr Spooner loses his voice 

All seven episodes from the tenth and final series of the classic camp sitcom, set in the clothing department of the Grace Brothers store. Episodes comprise: 'Goodbye, Mrs. Slocombe', 'Grounds for Divorce', 'The Hold-Up', 'Gambling Fever', 'The Night Club', 'Friends and Neighbours' and 'The Pop Star'.