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The Kouga and the Iga two ninja clans with four hundred years of hostilities between them meet at the request of Lord Ieyasu. There they learn that the peace forced upon them is to be broken by the whim of royalty and that the outcome of this battle will determine the next Shogun. The passions of the past quickly reignite as two scrolls are sent out into the night. Ill-fated is this event indeed for lovers stand with hands entwined as travesty approaches on the wings of a hawk. Reared from birth as sworn enemies Gennosuke and Oboro each the heir of these rival clans... seek lasting peace between their peoples. But the terms have been set and two lists seal their destinies. Two lists from which a name can only be crossed out in blood. No mercy will be spared to the enemy. [show more]

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06 December 2010
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600 minutes 
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All 24 episodes of the Japanese action anime series based on the popular manga by Masaki Segawa which was, in turn, adapted from Futaro Yamada's 1958 historical novel 'The Kouga Ninja Scrolls'. The series revolves around two legendary rival ninja clans who are competing to decide which grandson of Tokugawa Ieyasu will become shogun and to earn the support of the Tokugawa clan for a thousand years to come. The episodes are: 'Destiny', 'Last Rendezvous', 'The Onslaught of War', 'The Horned Owl', 'The Surprise Attack', 'Longing in the Rain', 'The Bloodsucking Seductress', 'Cage of Blood', 'Farewell', 'Divine Mandate', 'On Their Own', 'Remembrance', 'A Swarm of Butterflies', 'Fallen Flower', 'Reckoning', 'First Impressions', 'Wandering Hearts', 'A Dawn Without Light', 'Conspiracy', 'River of Mercy', 'With All Her Heart', 'The Haunted', 'Emancipation' and 'Requiem'.