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Featuring an electrifying performance from Edward Woodward Callan explored the dingy twilight world of the professional spy and presented what was until that point television s most realistic portrayal of government espionage - becoming a national phenomenon in the 1960s and making Woodward one of the highest profile actors on television. This single play originally aired in 1981 and scripted by series creator/writer James Mitchell saw the reluctant killer pressed into service one last time. Reuniting Callan and his malodorous sidekick Lonely (Russell Hunter) the play... also stars George Sewell Hugh Walters (as Hunter) Anthony Smee and Helen Bourne. Ten years on David Callan hasn't changed much. Retirement has brought a new identity a new mistress and a new business in the form of a militaria shop; but he finds that once a secret-service operative always a secret-service operative when a call summons him to headquarters and a meeting with the fourth Hunter of his career - a past Callan thought dead and buried. Reactivating it is no pleasure - but it has to be done. [show more]

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17 April 2019
80 minutes 
  • Average Rating for Callan - Wet Job [1981] - 4 out of 5

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  • Callan - Wet Job [1981]

    Read lots of different reviews before I bought this film. some good some mediocre some downright awful. It comes down to expectations and what you want from the film. If you want the haunting theme tune and the swinging is not there except the light makes an appearance on the DVD menu. If you want a deep and meaningful storyline then dissappointment again. Shakesperian acting not there either except in the one area that the film excels. Edward Woodwood is superb in the lead role and does not miss a beat in the character neither does Russell Hunter as his sidekick "Lonely". The depth of the relationship between these central characters is laid out for all to see and it is this that makes the film a must see even though there are a lot of flaws that need to be overlooked. Callan started as an "Armchair Theatre" production and it ends using the same style. If you enjoyed Callan at the beginning you will like Callan at the end.

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Made-for-TV movie follow-up to the 1960s espionage series, 'Callan', starring Edward Woodward. David Callan (Woodward) is a retired assassin who used to work for a shadowy government agency. The former hitman now owns a small war memorabilia shop, but is jolted out of his sleepy retirement when he is asked to return in order to carry out one last job...