"Actor: George Sewell"

  • Get Carter [1971]Get Carter | DVD | (01/06/2006) from £4.49   |  Saving you £9.50 (211.58%)   |  RRP £13.99

    Released in 1971 (the same year Straw Dogs and A Clockwork Orange hit the screens, which must make 71 the annus mirabilis for violent films set in Britain), Get Carter opens with gangsters leering over pornographic slides and ends on a filthy, slag-stained beach in Newcastle. It's a low-down and dirty movie from beginning to end, and possibly the grittiest and best film of its kind to come out of Britain. The granddaddy of Lock, Stock & Two Smoking Barrels and all its ilk, director Mike Hodges' Get Carter offers revenge tragedy swinging-60s style, all nicotine-stained cinematography, shabby locations and the kind of killer catchphrases Vinnie Jones would die for ("You're a big man, but you're in bad shape. With me, it's a full-time job. Now behave yourself", says Michael Caine's deadpan anti-hero Carter before inflicting a few choice punches on Brian Mosley, aka Coronation Street's Alf Roberts, to name but one example from Hodges and Ted Lewis' exquisitely laconic script). Presenting the dark horse in his family of loveable Cockney geezer roles (Alfie, The Italian Job), Michael Caine plays the title role of Jack Carter, a man so hard he barely registers a flicker of regret watching a woman he's just had sex with plunge to her death. After taking the train up to Newcastle as the credits roll and Roy Budd's chunky bass-heavy theme tune plays, Carter returns to his hometown to attend his brother's funeral and investigate the circumstances of his death. Not that he's all that sentimental about family: he shaves nonchalantly over the open coffin, and shows affection to his niece Doreen (Petra Markham) by cramming a few notes in her hand and telling her to "be good and don't trust boys". Gradually, Carter unravels the skein of drugs, pornography and corruption tangled around his brother's death, which brings him up against supremely oleaginous kingpin Kinnear (played by the author of Look Back in Anger John Osborne) among others. A remake starring Sylvester Stallone is in the offing, but quite frankly it will be a 30-degree (Celsius) Christmas night in Newcastle before Hollywood could ever make something as assured, raw and immortal as this. --Leslie Felperin

  • Callan - Wet Job [1981] [DVD]Callan - Wet Job | DVD | (17/04/2019) from £6.39   |  Saving you £8.60 (134.59%)   |  RRP £14.99

    Featuring an electrifying performance from Edward Woodward Callan explored the dingy twilight world of the professional spy and presented what was until that point television s most realistic portrayal of government espionage - becoming a national phenomenon in the 1960s and making Woodward one of the highest profile actors on television. This single play originally aired in 1981 and scripted by series creator/writer James Mitchell saw the reluctant killer pressed into service one last time. Reuniting Callan and his malodorous sidekick Lonely (Russell Hunter) the play also stars George Sewell Hugh Walters (as Hunter) Anthony Smee and Helen Bourne. Ten years on David Callan hasn't changed much. Retirement has brought a new identity a new mistress and a new business in the form of a militaria shop; but he finds that once a secret-service operative always a secret-service operative when a call summons him to headquarters and a meeting with the fourth Hunter of his career - a past Callan thought dead and buried. Reactivating it is no pleasure - but it has to be done.

  • Doctor Who - Remembrance Of The Daleks [DVD] [1988]Doctor Who - Remembrance Of The Daleks | DVD | (17/04/2019) from £6.99   |  Saving you £13.00 (185.98%)   |  RRP £19.99

    Dr. Who (Doctor Who): Remembrance Of The Daleks - Special Edition (2 Disc)

  • Special Branch - Complete SeriesSpecial Branch - Complete Series | DVD | (04/08/2008) from £36.37   |  Saving you £23.62 (64.94%)   |  RRP £59.99

    The complete box set of all four series! The series that finally broke the mould of the stereotypical British copper as seen through the eyes of television and laid the foundations for later police actioneers such as The Sweeney and The Professionals. The 'Special Branch' was a division of Scotland Yard that investigated government security leaks people-trafficking fanatics spies and other such anarchists.

  • Paul Temple: The Complete Collection [DVD]Paul Temple: The Complete Collection | DVD | (05/08/2013) from £28.33   |  Saving you £-3.34 (N/A%)   |  RRP £24.99

    Stylish cool incisive - protective of his loving wife 'Steve' - Paul Temple was an exemplary crime writer turned crime solver as played by Francis Matthews in the acclaimed and much loved TV series. Often filmed at glamorous locations throughout Europe Temple operated like a cross-between Miss Marple and Poirot with the slick cutting-edge style of The Saint. The Complete Paul Temple Collection represents the surviving colour episodes of this rich series along with the five final episodes available only in black and white. The collection reveals a time capsule of 1970s fashion in clothes cars décor - and crime presenting an unmissable collection of mysteries that must be solved; and there's only one crime writer who can do it! Special Features: Being Paul Temple An Interview with Francis Matthews The Women of Paul Temple Fashion Statements Francis Durbridge Biography Selected Cast Filmographies Subtitles

  • Journey To The Far Side Of The Sun [Blu-ray]Journey To The Far Side Of The Sun | Blu Ray | (20/02/2017) from £9.99   |  Saving you £N/A (N/A%)   |  RRP £N/A

    There's a sense of awe to the special effects work of animation specialists Gerry and Sylvia Anderson (Thunderbirds Are Go)--the slow, lovingly detailed introduction of a massive spaceship creeping out of dock and struggling against its bulk while trapped on the ground, and the almost balletic spectacle of the ship elegantly floating against an impressive star field or dramatically flying against the rugged landscape. These moments are the highlights of this sober science fiction thriller about the discovery of a planet on the far side of the sun in Earth's orbit. A mission is hastily put together, with British astrophysicist Ian Hendry teamed with hotshot American astronaut Roy Thinnes for the three-week trip, but when they suddenly crash-land the strange creatures that surround them are revealed to be human. Against all rational explanations they're back on Earth, but Thinnes suddenly discovers that everything is a mirror image of his existence: Through the Looking Glass by way of The Twilight Zone. Though it begins as a paranoid spy thriller set in the near future (the opening details an ingenious espionage caper featuring a very special eyepiece), it quickly turns into a serious and oddly unsettling space-race drama with a heady twist. Robert Parrish's direction is unusually aloof, but the film is always intriguing and well acted with gorgeous special effects that may rank second only to Stanley Kubrick's 2001 as the most elegant vision of outer space flight on film. --Sean Axmaker

  • The Detectives - Series 1The Detectives - Series 1 | DVD | (12/06/2006) from £5.19   |  Saving you £10.80 (208.09%)   |  RRP £15.99

    Robert Powell and Japser Carrott star as a pair of inept detectives who always seem to solve cases despite their amazing levels of incompetence. Developed from sketches in Canned Carrott the show adopts the Dumb and Dumber approach Powell being dumb and Carrott much dumber! Episodes Comprise: 1. What The Butler Saw 2. Hostage 3. Teed Off 4. Acting Constables 5. Studs 6. Strangers In Paradise

  • Journey To The Far Side Of The SunJourney To The Far Side Of The Sun | DVD | (08/09/2008) from £7.99   |  Saving you £2.00 (20.00%)   |  RRP £9.99

    When scientists a hundred years into the future discover a "duplicate" Earth on the other side of the sun, the stage is set for tense science fiction adventure and suspense. Determined to find out what this new world is like, the Western nations of Earth set up an expedition headed by former astronauts Roy Thinnes and Ian Hendry to reach the new planet. All goes according to plan until the spaceship makes a crash landing on a planet some three weeks earlier than expected. Have the space travelers actually returned to Earth or are they on some strange mirror-imageworld where they must prove who they really are or die trying? This imaginative space adventure offers a journey few will ever forget.

  • UFO: The Complete Series [Blu-ray]UFO: The Complete Series | Blu Ray | (18/09/2017) from £40.49   |  Saving you £N/A (N/A%)   |  RRP £N/A

    The first live-action television series from Gerry and Sylvia Anderson, UFO remains a benchmark sci-fi production, featuring mature storylines and groundbreaking special effects. Long-awaited on Blu-ray, it is presented here in a stunning new High Definition restoration, with all 26 episodes offering original mono or 5.1 soundtracks alongside a wealth of special features, including: A brand-new feature-length documentary on the making of UFO by Jamie Anderson Rare archive material including textless titles, TV spots, unused footage, Italian trailers, archive interviews, audio outtakes

  • UFO - Series 1 [1970]UFO - Series 1 | DVD | (18/03/2002) from £29.95   |  Saving you £20.04 (66.91%)   |  RRP £49.99

    UFO was Gerry Anderson's first live-action TV series after a decade of producing such children's animated classics as Stingray (1963) and Thunderbirds (1964). The premise of UFO, which ran for a single season of 26 episodes, was like a more serious version of Anderson's Captain Scarlet (1967)--in the near future of 1980 a hi-tech secret organisation, SHADO, waged covert war against mysterious alien attackers. Ed Bishop played the American head of SHADO--he had had previously featured in Captain Scarlet and Anderson's Doppelganger (1969)--though in all other respects this was a thoroughly British production. As with all Anderson series UFO evidenced remarkable technological inventiveness and groundbreaking production values, coupled with startling lapses in fundamental logic too numerous to list. Much more adult in story and content than earlier Anderson productions, and surprisingly dark with its pragmatic view of human nature and downbeat endings, the show now seems like a forerunner of The X Files and the equally short-lived Dark Skies (1996). Barry Gray's memorable theme and atmospheric music greatly enhanced the overall impact. Stylishly made, though terribly sexist by current standards and featuring eye-catching costumes more fitted for a camp fancy dress party than the front line of a futuristic war, this cult classic eventually evolved into Space 1999 (1975). On the DVD: this four-disc deluxe box features the first 13 episodes. The box set has five free postcards and a booklet offering interesting background on the programme. The first disc includes an alternate, more violent opening scene, while later discs feature text transcriptions and photographs from scenes cut due to TV running time restrictions. All discs provide extensive galleries of publicity and behind the scenes photos, as well as character profiles or a history of SHADO. The opening episode, "Identified", features a commentary by Gerry Anderson, in which he talks in general about the production of the series and Ed Bishop does the same for the episode "Sub Smash". From the animated menus onwards these DVDs have been beautifully designed and produced. The mono sound is exceptionally strong and the restored and remastered picture is almost unbelievably good for a 1970 TV show. With barely a flaw anywhere the episodes look so clear, colourful and detailed that they could have been filmed last week. --Gary S Dalkin

  • The Paul Temple Black and White Collection [DVD]The Paul Temple Black and White Collection | DVD | (02/04/2012) from £12.05   |  Saving you £7.94 (39.70%)   |  RRP £19.99

    Stylish, cool, incisive - protective of his loving wife “Steve” - Paul Temple was an exemplary crime writer turned crime solver who operated like a cross-between Miss Marple and Poirot with the slick cutting-edge style of The Saint.This collection captures the final five episodes of the classic TV series: The Guilty Must Die Game, Set and Match Long Ride to Red Gap Winner Take All Critics, Yes! But This is Ridiculous!

  • The Bass Player And The Blonde [DVD]The Bass Player And The Blonde | DVD | (03/09/2012) from £8.98   |  Saving you £11.01 (55.10%)   |  RRP £19.99

    Edward Woodward and Jane Wymark star in a light-hearted drama tracing the unlikely romance between two seemingly mismatched runaways. The bass player is George Mangham, a world-weary, out-of-work jazz musician. The blonde is Terry, a beautiful, wealthy and decidedly determined young woman who fancies herself as a singer. He is twice her age and penniless - but she is in love with him. Having whisked Terry from under the nose of her bridegroom on her wedding day, Mangham flees with her in his battered Mini, and the unconventional couple begin their uphill struggle for acceptance amid see-sawing fortunes and the interventions of Terry's furious father, Charlie. Released for the first time, this set brings together the ITV Playhouse pilot of 1977 - scripted by Roy Clarke (Last of the Summer Wine) - and the highly popular three-part series screened the following year, co-written by Ian Lindsay and Phil Redmond. With a combined cast featuring Ronald Fraser, George Sewell, Sam Kydd, Jeremy Sinden, Alfie Bass, Stanley Lebor and Barry Linehan, The Bass Player and the Blonde is directed by Dennis Vance (Special Branch) and features music specially composed by Jack Parnell. Episodes Rondo Allegro Andante

  • UFO - Vols. 5 To 8 [1970]UFO - Vols. 5 To 8 | DVD | (10/06/2002) from £29.95   |  Saving you £20.04 (40.10%)   |  RRP £49.99

    The complete second season of Gerry Anderson's classic sci-fi serial. The operatives of the secret Supreme Headquarters Alien Defence Organisation (S.H.A.D.O.) defend the earth from extra-terrestrials who are abducting humans to obtain their organs which can be transplanted into their own bodies... Episodes include: Confetti Check A-O-K E.S.P. Kill Straker Sub-smash The Sound Of Silence The Cat With Ten Lives Destruction The Man Who Came Back The Psychobombs Reflections In The Water

  • UFO: The Complete Series [Blu-ray]UFO: The Complete Series | Blu Ray | (14/11/2016) from £N/A   |  Saving you £N/A (N/A%)   |  RRP £N/A

    1980. After ten years development in top secrecy, SHADO Supreme Headquarters Alien Defence Organisation goes live. Its aim: to combat the threat of an alien invasion from a dying race who abduct humans to repair their own decaying bodies. SHADO's dedicated operatives fight a secret war against Earth's terrifying new menace: on land, sea, air and in space! The first live-action television series from Gerry and Sylvia Anderson, UFO remains a benchmark sci-fi production, featuring mature storylines and groundbreaking special effects. Long-awaited on Blu-ray, it is presented here in a stunning new High Definition restoration, with all 26 episodes offering original mono or 5.1 soundtracks, alongside a wealth of special features, including: SPECIAL FEATURES: From Earth to the Moon: brand new feature-length documentary with interviews, archive video, audio and stills - many of which have never been seen or heard before. The Women of UFO: new documentary discussing the improving sexual equality depicted in the series and the role of science fiction in striving for that change. Identified: SHADO New Recruits Briefing: a newly created SHADO briefing film narrated by Matt Zimmerman. Exclusive 600 page book on the making of the series by archive television historian Andrew Pixley. Dolby 5.1 audio mix as well as existing as-transmitted mono audio. Film material, including textless episode title backgrounds, textless end titles, stock footage, TV spots, extra footage for Identified and Exposed, unused footage from Timelash and The Long Sleep, Italian trailers. Audio commentaries: Identified with Gerry Anderson and Sub-Smash with Ed Bishop. S.I.D. Computer Voice Session and audio outtakes for these sessions and Kill Straker!. Archive Ed Bishop audio interview from 1986. Tomorrow Today: Future Fashions with Sylvia Anderson. Extensive image galleries including previously unseen images.

  • Six Days of Justice - The Complete Series 1 [DVD]Six Days of Justice - The Complete Series 1 | DVD | (18/04/2011) from £8.82   |  Saving you £11.17 (55.90%)   |  RRP £19.99

    For many, an appearance in the magistrates' court is their first encounter with the Law. Bemused, perhaps frightened and often arrogant, their offence may range from a simple motoring case to murder. But whatever the degree of involvement, the experience is one that will remain indelibly etched on the memory. In each of its four series Six Days of Justice examined six fictitious cases, exact in detail, with procedural advice supplied by magistrates; although similar in style and content to Crown Court, its evening scheduling allowed the series to tackle cases with a greater degree of authenticity than its daytime counterpart. This first series features strong performances from George Sewell, Earl Cameron and Bernard Hepton, among others, and was scripted by some of the era's most highly acclaimed scriptwriters, including Trevor Preston and P.J. Hammond. Episodes Cross Fire Suddenly You're In It A Private Nuisance Who Cares? With Intent To Deceive Open House

  • Redcap - The Complete Second SeriesRedcap - The Complete Second Series | DVD | (06/03/2006) from £55.33   |  Saving you £-15.34 (-38.40%)   |  RRP £39.99

    John Thaw takes the first starring role of his career in RedCap in which he plays Sergeant John Mann of the Royal Military Policess Special Investigation Branch. Made in 1964 at a time when the British army was still highly active Redcap's scripts cover investigations in Germany Aden Cyprus and Borneo. Episodes Comprise: 1. Crime Passionel 2. The Pride Of The Regiment 3. The Killer 4. Buckingham Palace 5. Rough Justice 6. The Moneylenders 7. St

  • Mr. Rose - The Complete Series 1 [DVD]Mr. Rose - The Complete Series 1 | DVD | (23/04/2012) from £18.99   |  Saving you £21.00 (110.58%)   |  RRP £39.99

    Scotland Yard's Chief Inspector Rose, portrayed by the charismatic William Mervyn (All Gas and Gaiters), was first introduced in The Odd Man and It's Dark Outside, Granada's cult crime series of the early 60s, and this sequel sees the acerbic detective emerging from a restless retirement to take on a further series of cases. Gillian Lewis plays Rose's beautiful secretary, Drusilla, and Donald Webster his enigmatic manservant, John; guest stars include Terence Alexander, Allan Cuthbertson, John Le Mesurier and Julie Goodyear. Retirement has afforded Mr. Rose the time not only to cultivate a cottage garden on the south coast, but also to write his memoirs. And it's the impending publication of those memoirs that brings a number of figures crawling out of the woodwork and back into his life: criminals and former colleagues alike, who know that his vast personal collection of case files contains a wealth of incriminating detail. Time may have mellowed Rose a little, but he's as sharp as ever, and now sets about a succession of new investigations with customary aplomb and evident relish.

  • Public Eye - The Complete 1969 SeriesPublic Eye - The Complete 1969 Series | DVD | (19/07/2004) from £31.74   |  Saving you £8.25 (20.60%)   |  RRP £39.99

    Public Eye is a private detective series starring Alfred Burke as Frank Marker. The series originally ran on the ABC network during the 1960's resurrected by Thames in 1969 and then produced a further 6 series before the show ended in 1975.

  • This Sporting Life [1963]This Sporting Life | DVD | (31/01/2000) from £N/A   |  Saving you £N/A (N/A%)   |  RRP £5.99

    Prolific British filmmaker Lindsay Anderson weaves this small, evocative tale of young life at the crossroads in early 1960s Northern England. A rough, sullen young man (Richard Harris) working in the local coal mines begins to make a name for himself as a star rugby player, but even as he begins to fall in love he cannot escape the harsh realities of the bleak life around him. The rugby sequences in the film are striking, but no more so than the depiction of downtrodden people living in the shadow of industry and corruption that too often crushes their spirit. Harris in one of his first roles, is remarkably effective as an unlikeable but sympathetic figure trying against hope to savour the small joys life has to offer, and the film also features the debut of renowned actress Glenda Jackson. One of a series of working-class, character-driven British imports, This Sporting Life is one of the best on the field. --Robert Lane

  • Randall And Hopkirk Deceased - Vol. 7 - Episodes 23-26 [1970]Randall And Hopkirk Deceased - Vol. 7 - Episodes 23-26 | DVD | (09/09/2002) from £8.74   |  Saving you £7.25 (45.30%)   |  RRP £15.99

    More other-worldy adventures featuring Jeff Randall (Mike Pratt) and his deceased private detective partner Marty Hopkirk (Kenneth Cope)... Eps. 23: The Trouble With Women - Jeff gambles with his life while investigating the owner of a casino. Eps. 24: Vendetta To A Dead Man - A vengeance seeking excaped prisoner is looking to settle an old score. Eps. 25: You Can Always Find A Fall Guy - Jeff is double crossed by a nun. Eps. 26: - The Smile Behind The Veil - A simple funeral turns into a strange murder mystery.

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