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A monster attacks New York and the ensueing carnage is told from the point of view of a small group of friends with a video camera.

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09 June 2008
Paramount Home Entertainment 
85 minutes 
  • Average Rating for Cloverfield [2007] - 2 out of 5

    (based on 5 user reviews)
  • Cloverfield [2007]
    Phil Houlden

    I enjoyed this. I'm confused sometimes by exactly what the majority of film goers want from films. I thought the ending was quite original. The whole feel of confusion and not really understanding what was going on was, for the most part, quite realistic.

    The movie isn't so much about the Monster, (if that is what you want, then see Godzilla, Jurassic Park King Kong etc) but more about the human aspect of a major disaster. This is about how people"s lives are affected, their reactions to disaster in general and their response to complete panic and terror all around them. It was interesting to see how the minority had their whits about them, whilst the majority of people are just plain scared out of them.

    It kind of makes you wonder "what would I do?" and in doing so, places you in the film to the point of you being quite out of breath.

    Whilst most of us would like to think that we would be the hero and save the day, or be in the middle of it all and understand everything going on about them. However, I fear the majority would pretty much behave like the majority of the panic stricken rabble. Erratically searching for somewhere safe, running around aimlessly like a headless chickens and most likely running headlong into trouble rather than away from it. I also believe that, as in the film, there will be those who would want to film and take photos of all the destruction and mayhem.

    The film also depicts the authorities and law enforcement more realistically in that they would not likely be in a position to keep the general public in the picture. They might not fully understand themselves the gravity of the situation, let alone have the time to explain.

    All in all, I thought this was a good monster film, but with the focus on ordinary people with ordinary lives.

  • Cloverfield [2007]
    Nat Waddington

    Seeing this film at the cinema, I was almost physically sick. Filmed on a hand-held camera, it is like watching a bad hangover. Having said that, hidden beneath the motion sickness is a well-scripted story of a group of friends trying to avoid being killed by a giant monster while attempting to patch up relationships along the way. The cliched monster-hits-New-York storyline is forgiven through the great cast performances and unexpected ending. Great for fans of Godzilla-type action films.

  • Cloverfield [2007]
    Ben Simpson

    Wouldn't reccommend this at all. The fact that someone is recording the entire event on a video-recorder doesnt quite seem plausible, there are so many times where you thought: RUN MAN, RUN!! Why you would go back for your camcorder i have no idea?! And without ruining the movie for those who do choose to see it, there is no ending...The film just stops halfway through the action. The monster is terrorising the city, everyone's scared, the army are bombing the monster, two characters share an almost romantic moment and the credits appear leaving you wondering: is this the end? There are so many things in the film that just aren't explained and that frustrated both me, and the person I watched it with.

  • Cloverfield [2007]
    Dominic Allan

    Worth a watch. This I would say is a cross between Blair Witch Project and Godzilla. The introduction to the character during the party gets you involved with them, without this you would not care about the movie. The camera work although shaky amateur style adds realism but at times can be annoying. The camera work does add to the mystery of the monster, which films like Jeepers Creepers destroy by fully showing the creature. The creature is never explained and the film ends abruptly which leaves the view with a 'OH is that it ending'.

  • Cloverfield [2007]
    Jevon Taylor

    I really enjoyed the monster movie "Cloverfield". Sure, it was not original (its plot follows every other monster movie since "Gojira"), there was not much character development (and what little there was became annoying after a while, though only shortly before it ended) and the film"s emotional moments were far from hard hitting. But it was fun, it did not take itself too seriously, it had a great low-budget feel which I think lent the special effects an extra quality, rather than taking away from them (they are really good!), its hand held evocations of the World Trade Centre collapsing were impressive and the film was generally exciting and looked good. For example, the head of the statue of liberty flung through the air shows some ambition, humour and, considering the way the film"s images reflect 9/11, a little bravado - nicely tapping into people"s memories (with special effects, even, very nice). This, I believe, is how low (Hollywood) budget films should be - a indication of talent, a flair for film-making and an enticing promise of "if a team can achieve something like this with X million dollars, what could they do with Y million more?" "Cloverfield" is among my favourite movies this year, as a piece of cinema, and more than anything as a piece of entertainment.

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A highly-classified video tape confiscated by the U.S. military shows the devastating effects of a monster attack on New York City. Crudely shot on handycam by a group of friends at a party, the film quickly evolves into a blow-by-blow account of the most surreal and terrifying ordeal of their young lives...

Visually explosive sci-fi tale of the night a monstrous creature attacks the city of New York. When five young friends get together to hold a going-away party for one of their number, their celebrations are violently curtailed by a series of huge tremors felt throughout the city. As panic begins to spread, it soon becomes apparent that New York is under attack from some huge malevolent force intent on destroying the city. Told in a jerky, documentary style, from the perspective of a hand-held camera, the film chronicles the attempts by the group to make their way, with chaos raining down, towards the destruction in order to rescue another friend.

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