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Rich family patriach Helge Klingelfeldt is particularly anxious that thier three grown children Christian Michael and Helene support the party's festive mood by making a display of happy unity of the clan. Even downstairs staff are expected to somehow join in the general ambience. Dusk Falls and the master of ceremonies introduces himself and announces that dinner is served. Helge is met by spontaneous outbursts of applause and song. The Guests are in a merry mood indeed. While everyone's being seated the kitchen staff add their finishing touches to the evening's festive... meal. Fish steam venison broil. The banquet begins. When Christian eventually clears his throat and calls for silence only he knows what is to come. A speech to shock a speech to shatter. The most heart-breaking night in living memory is about to descend on the unsuspecting Klingenfeldts. However irrespective of skeletons being mercilessly ripped out of the family closet stiff upper lips prevail and in a highly macabre way the party just keeps going on. [show more]

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17 April 2019
Metrodome Video 
100 minutes 
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A man celebrates his sixtieth birthday with friends, relatives, his wife and children. This is a film about love, hate, the icy charm of the bourgeoisie and the loving arms of the chambermaid. Danish dialogue.

Danish drama co-written and directed by Thomas Vinterberg. Wealthy businessman Helge Klingenfeldt (Henning Moritzen) and his wife Else (Birthe Neumann) throw a family party to celebrate his 60th birthday. Eldest son Christian (Ulrich Thomsen) and daughter Helene (Paprika Steen) arrive, as does reckless younger son Michael (Thomas Bo Larsen) - in disgrace through his failure to attend his sister Linda's funeral months earlier. Maids Pia (Trine Dyrholm) and Michelle (Therese Glahn) both hope to rekindle their old affairs with the two brothers, but their efforts prove to be in vain. At dinner, Christian announces that both he and the late Linda were sexually abused by Helge when they were children, but is not believed. However, while searching Linda's old room Helene discovers a suicide note from her sister which forces her to reconsider.

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