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Romeo & Juliet: Baz Luhrmann's dazzling and unconventional adaptation of William Shakespeare's classic love story is spellbinding. Leonardo DiCaprio and Claire Danes portray Romeo and Juliet the youthful star-crossed lovers of the past. But the setting has been moved from its Elizabethan origins to the futuristic urban backdrop of Verona beach. This brilliant and contemporary retelling of the world's most tragic love affair makes this wildly inventive Romeo & Juliet unforgettable. Moulin Rouge: Christian [Ewan McGregor] a young writer with a magical gift for poetry... defies his bourgeois father by moving to the bohemian underworld of Montmartre Paris. He is taken in by the absinthe- soaked artist Toulouse- Lautrec whose party- hard life centres around the Moulin Rouge a world of sex drugs electricity & the shocking Can-Can. Christian falls into a passionate but ultimately doomed love affair with Satine the Sparkling Diamond [Nicole Kidman] the most beautiful courtesan in Paris & star of the Moulin Rouge... [show more]

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31 January 2005
20th Century Fox Home Entertainment 
237 minutes 
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A Baz Luhrmann double bill. 'Moulin Rouge' is a colourful and musical remake of the 1952 film of the same name. Christian (Ewan McGregor) is an aspiring bohemian writer, eking out a living in late 19th century Paris. An unlikely series of events result in him impersonating a Duke at the Moulin Rouge, Paris' most decadent club, and he falls tragically in love with its biggest star, Satine (Nicole Kidman). Events conspire against young love as the film speeds energetically towards its fateful conclusion. Whilst in his 1996 version of 'Romeo and Juliet', Shakespeare's play is transferred to the futuristic urban backdrop of Verona Beach, California. The Montague and Capulet families are embroiled in a long-running feud. When Romeo (Leonardo DiCaprio), a Montague, attends a Capulet ball in disguise, he falls in love with the beautiful Juliet (Claire Danes). Although already engaged to Dave Paris, whom she does not love, Juliet vows to marry Romeo. They ask the kindly Father Laurence (Pete Postlethwaite) to perform the ceremony in secret, but bloodshed and tragedy threaten the couple's future together.

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