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The critically acclaimed drama Skins is back with series 2! Follow the chaotic lives and lusts of a group of spliff-toting hard partying British teenagers. It's been six months since Tony's collision with a bus - remarkably he isn't dead but he sure isn't the same person he used to be. Sid can't get his head around the fact that his best mate is a shadow of the man he's always looked up to. And to top it off he finally got the girl Cassie only to have her whisked off to Scotland. Sod's law. But to Cassie it's totally OK one day she'll come back and they'll live happily... ever after... Yeah right. Michelle is lost without Tony too and her Mum has gone and married yet another man - but this time there's a step-sister involved who's intent on trying to make a move on her mates. Maxxie's got hell at home too because his Dad doesn't want him to follow his dream of being a dancer. Even Anwar has changed since he bagged himself a secret girlfriend called Sketch. Jal is throwing off the good girl image and letting her hair down. And Chris - well getting expelled wasn't his finest hour - but now the party animal is stepping out on his own. And while everything is falling apart it's Tony's little sister Effy who's taking control. The complete Series 2 is a three disc set packed with a load of extras including some brand new unseen Skins material. [show more]

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12 May 2008
350 minutes 
  • Average Rating for Skins - Series 2 - Complete [2007] - 3 out of 5

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  • Skins - Series 2 - Complete [2007]
    Mark Lever

    Series 2 started with a fantastic episode, dealing with Tony being run- over, they did it really well, which is an example of why Skins is so special. It's not just about teenagers taking drugs and partying, there is another side to these teenagers' lives that isn't so fun.

    The series started great, but after the second episode it became a bumpy ride for the audience, mainly down to the way the series balances itself between drama and comedy. The journey from "Michelle's episode" became mainly about the comedy side (slapstick, the over usage of drugs and drink for high and drunken escapades). The writers of Skins may be great at delivering these gags, but they don't set themselves apart from making this a show that I find, personally worth while watching. The over use of humour makes it more a show that I could switch on and have a quick, fun ten minutes viewing at an end of a episode, but not something I would feel I need to watch week in week out.

    There were a few great episodes like "Tony" that kept me a float and made me think it's worth keeping with this show to see these characters develop. Which, it did, by going into hidden meanings, being well shot and making it an important episode for Tony's development in the series.

    As a whole the series had some great storylines going on throughout, however, it was so fragmented, that it would have welcomed a shorter series so the pieces stayed together and were delivered to full effect. Unfortunately, this highlights the weaknesses off having the episodic structure. Things become stretched out as you concentrate on another character; it's hard to carry on previous storylines without losing sight of the goal of the current episode.

    I don't think that this series delivered the promise of a totally different show, and unlike series one it didn"t equal-out the drama and the comedy. I think, the show needed some proper planning and for the writers to tap into their various emotional experiences and see how they can apply it to their own character creations. The series held many revelations and introductions. For example, the new character Sketch, Max's stalker, why Sid's father is such a screw up himself.

    A great example of what I think is a perfect way for Skins to balance out the comedy in a scene is in season three "Effy". Cook goes round to see Effy, as he"s made her some cake. Her mum explains that she has gone off on a weekend trip. Cook is surprised by this because he wasn't told, as he goes to leave Effy's Mum takes the cake cheekily without asking for it and says 'thank you'. This is perfect as it provides drama and also a gag - the perfect balance act!

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The complete second season of Channel 4's feisty comedy drama series, which follows a group of teenagers as they struggle with highly-charged issues such as race, religion, sexuality, drugs, and food disorders. Living on the bright side, they are out to get high, get drunk, get laid and - hopefully - get up for their A levels. Episodes are: 'Tony and Maxxie', 'Sketch', 'Sid', 'Michelle', 'Chris', 'Tony', 'Effy', 'Jal', 'Cassie' and 'Everyone'.

Channel 4's critically-acclaimed drama follows the angst-ridden lives of its teenage characters as they grapple with issues of race religion sexuality drugs and eating disorders SKINS' portrayal of these characters as poster children of the hedonistic lifestyle is unflinching in its candour Expect plenty more bitching backstabbing and general bad behaviour in this the complete second series

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