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After a night of partying, a group of friends are distracted when beams of light awaken everyone in Los Angeles, that then attracts every person like a moth to a flame.

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21 March 2011
90 minutes 
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  • Skyline
    Leon Burakowski

    America is worried. The combination of 9/11 and economic decline has seen the most powerful nation start to think the unthinkable, that they're role as world leader is coming to an end and that the days of comfort and certainty are under threat.
    This unease is reflected in Hollywood, which is producing the biggest crop of monster and alien invasion movies since the boom era of sci-fi B movies, the 1950s, when Communism and the atomic age were worrying Americans.
    Skyline continues the trend with an apocalyptic assault on Los Angeles which starts with bright blue lights that draw residents to their windows like moths to a flame.
    The lights are a nod to Close Encounters, and there are influences drawn from lots of other sci-fi movies, chiefly War Of The Worlds (Tom Cruise version), Cloverfield and Godzilla.
    We follow a bunch of music industry types and the're girlfriends who find they have a grandstand view of the destruction of LA from ther skyscraper penthouse suite of a rap star when alien ships appear in the sky and start sucking up humans like giant vacuum cleaners.
    The dialogue is pretty cliched but the acting decent, the special effects are good and, after building up a feeling of dread, there is a rollercoaster ride of shocks, and even a twist at the end. The tentacled aliens and their giant cousins are impressive and Skyline confirms its B-movie status with the aliens' reason for coming to earth. Why? To scoop out our brains, of course.

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A series of blindingly bright lights appear all over Los Angeles, mesmerizing the citizens of the city while luring them to an uncertain fate in this sci-fi thriller from sibling filmmakers Greg and Colin Strause. As speculation regarding the origin of the mysterious lights runs rampant, a Los Angeles entrepreneur (Donald Faison), his best friend, Jarrod (Eric Balfour), and Jarrod's frightened girlfriend (Scottie Thompson) struggle to resist temptation as they seek out the source of the luminous threat.

Alien invasion sci-fi thriller directed by the Strause brothers. After a night of partying, a group of friends notice a strange pattern of bright blue lights in the skies above Los Angeles. It quickly becomes apparent that these lights belong to vast spaceships, which are soon drawing people out of their homes like moths to a flame and sucking them up into their cavernous interiors. Before long this devastating extraterrestrial force is threatening to swallow the entire human population from the face of the Earth.

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