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Cry Blood Apache Starring Jody Mccrea And Jack Starrett directed by Jack Starrett. When five unscrupulous men find gold in a small Indian village they massacre the inhabitants bar one young squaw who they hope will lead them to more. They are unaware that an Apache brave absent during the slaughter is now tracking them down with a single-minded purpose - revenge. Their deaths will not be quick but they will come sooner than they expected. Mohawk Starring Scott Brady Rita Gam and Neville Brand directed by Kurt Neumann. An artist working in a remote army post falls in... love with an Indian chief's daughter but when Butler a vengeful settler manages to get the army and the Indian braves at each other's throats the artist's troubles really begin. The once peaceful settlement quickly becomes a powder keg of emotion with both sides capable of lighting the spark. The Battle Of Bloody Stones Starring Stuart Whitman Henry Wilcoxon and Gene Evans directed by Richard C Sarafian. When Wildcat Gallagher's Wild West Show hits town trouble starts when the show's main attraction features the re-enactment of a cavalry slaughter of Indians called The Battle of Bloody Stones. When the local Indians become angry with the way that the battle is portrayed conflict erupts between the Indians and Wildcat Gallagher's men. The unprovoked death of John Wolf son of Indian Chief Ghost Wolf only fans the flames and brings both sides closer to war. Heller Starring Stuart Whitman Tuesday Weld and Morgan Woodward directed by Gunnar Hellstrom. Logan Purcell and his band of raiders have been stealing anything and everything from a peaceful Indian settlement and ruthlessly shoot down Willie Snake a young Indian brave. As Purcell makes his escape a US Marshal tracks him down only to be injured during a gunfight. Wounded the marshal is rescued by a young woman who helps nurse him back to health only to discover that Purcell has a powerful hold on her. Sitting Bull Starring Dale Robertson Mary Murphy and J. Carrol Naish directed by Sydnet Salkow. In the Black Hills of Dakota war is brewing between the United States Army and a tribe of Sioux Indians led by the legendary Chief Sitting Bull. Despite numerous treaties the Indian Nation finds themselves victimised murdered and driven from their land. Major Parrish is a man caught between his duty and his conscience - appalled at the treatment of the Indians but unable to stop the military machine. Kentucky Rifle Starring Chill Wills Lance Fuller and Cathy Downs directed by Carl K. Hittleman. A wagon with a broken axle is left behind by the rest of the wagon-train in hostile Comanche Indian country. The contents of the wagon are Kentucky rifles - weapons destined for settlers to use to protect themselves against a savage land. The occupants of the wagon are an unlikely collection who must become fast friends in order to survive in such a hostile environment. [show more]

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21 March 2011
Pegasus Entertainment 
490 minutes 
Colour, Dolby, PAL 
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Collection of western films and feature-length TV episodes. In 'Cry Blood, Apache' (1970) five wandering prospectors discover gold at an Apache camp, and quickly despatch the resident Indians bar one woman (Marie Gahua), who they hope can lead them to more riches. A brave who was absent at the time of the killings returns to discover the massacre and quickly sets out to track the murderers down, meting out justice the Apache way. In 'Mohawk' (1956) Boston artist Jonathan Adams (Scott Brady) travels to Mohawk Valley to paint portraits of the Native Americans, and while there falls in love with the local Indian chief's daughter, Onida (Rita Gam). But when a resentful local landowner, Butler (John Hoyt), tries to instigate a war with the Indians, Adams is forced to step in to stop the bloodshed. In 'The Battle of Bloody Stones' (1967), an episode from the 'Cimarron Strip' TV series, John Wolf (Tom Nardini), the son of Indian Chief Ghost Wolf (Henry Wilcoxon), is killed as a result of a re-enactment show put on by Wildcat Gallagher (Gene Evans). It is up to Marshal Jim Crown (Stuart Whitman) to suppress the outbreak of war between the Indian tribe and Gallagher's posse. In 'Heller' (1968), another episode from 'Cimarron Strip', Marshal Crown is badly injured when chasing thief Logan Purcell (Morgan Woodward) and his fellow outlaws. When Heller (Tuesday Weld), a young woman with connections to Purcell's gang, helps Crown to recover, the two decide to run away to Cimarron but are chased by the crooks who are determined to punish Heller for her betrayal. In 'Sitting Bull' (1954), set in the lead-up to the Battle of Little Bighorn, Major Robert Parrish (Dale Robertson) is disgusted with the US Army's treatment of the Sioux Indians in the Black Hills of Dakota. Parrish attempts to make peace between the warring sides, but when he fails, a final brutal battle ensues. J. Carrol Naish co-stars in the title role. Finally, 'Kentucky Rifle' (1956) follows a group of travellers whose wagon breaks down in Comanche territory. Concealed in the travellers' wagon are Kentucky rifles, made for settlers to defend themselves against the natives. Aware these weapons are in the group's possession, the Comanche tribe deliver an ultimatum - if they do not hand over the rifles, they will not be allowed to pass safely through the Indians' land.

THE INDIAN COLLECTION boxset contains six classic INDIAN westerns. They include, Cry Blood Apache, Mohawk, The Battle Of Bloody Stones, Heller, Sitting Ball, Kentucky Rifle.