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The Man from Laramie is the last of five remarkable Westerns Anthony Mann made with James Stewart (starting with Winchester '73 and peaking with The Naked Spur). Only John Ford excelled Mann as a purveyor of eye-filling Western imagery, and Mann's best films are second to no one's when it comes to the fusion of dynamic action, rugged landscapes and fierce psychological intensity. This collaboration marked virtually a whole new career for Stewart, whose characters are all haunted by the past and driven by obsession--here, to find whoever set his cavalry-officer brother... in the path of warlike Indians. The Man from Laramie aspires to an epic grandeur beyond its predecessors. It's the only one in CinemaScope, and Stewart's personal quest is subsumed in a larger drama--nothing less than a sagebrush version of King Lear, with a range baron on the verge of blindness (Donald Crisp), his weak and therefore vicious son (Alex Nicol) and another, apparently more solid "son", his Edmund-like foreman (Arthur Kennedy). There are a few too many subsidiary characters, and the reach for thematic complexity occasionally diminishes the impact. But no one will ever forget the scene on the salt flats between Nicol and Stewart--climaxing in the single most shocking act of violence in 50s cinema--or the final, mountain-top confrontation. For decades, the film has been seen only in washed-out, pan-and-scan videos, with the characters playing visual hopscotch from one panel of the original composition to another. It's great to have this glorious DVD--razor-sharp, fully saturated (or as saturated as 50s Eastmancolor could be) and breathtaking in its CinemaScope sweep. --Richard T Jameson, [show more]

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01 October 2001
Columbia Tri-Star Home Video 
104 minutes 
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  • The Man From Laramie [1955]
    Ed Howard

    Director Anthony Mann and actor James Stewart made a string of 7 pictures together in the 50s, and this, their final collaboration, is almost certainly the best. Mann's westerns are justly reknowned for their equal measures of toughness and human warmth, and again this is one of the best of them. Stewart plays an iconoclastic hero who's dead-set on his mission to find the man responsible for his brother's death. In the course of his quest, he resolutely tries not to get pulled into a local feud, until of course it turns out that the one of the parties in the feud may be hiding the answers he seeks. Mann turns this typical western material into a taut, psychologically complex drama about fathers and sons, loyalty, greed, and the ways in which a man can be turned bad. It's a rugged, intense film, and a true classic of its genre. Columbia's DVD is typically light on extras, but the film shines in its classic Technicolor glory, and that's all that's really important.

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