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This three disc box set presents three early masterpieces 'The Seventh Continent' 'Benny's Video' and '71 Fragments of a Chronology of Chance'. Provocative daring and visionary Michael Haneke has established himself as one of the world's most distinctive and intelligent contemporary filmmakers. The Seventh Continent: Based on a true story Haneke's first theatrical feature is a disturbing portrait of familial disintegration which he describes as a depiction of his native Austria's 'progressive emotional glaciation'. Set over a three year period it documents how the... mundane day to day routines of a middle class family alienate them from the world and each other until suddenly and shockingly their lives self-destruct. Addressing themes that would inform much of his later work - the breakdown of society violence and the media - 'The Seventh Continent' is both intelligent and masterfully composed. Benny's Video: Acclaimed filmmaker Michael Haneke's disturbing film portrays the alienation of a young boy whose experience of the world is refracted through the lens of his video camera and his television screen. Arno Frisch later to play one of the psychopathic young men in Funny Games plays the 14 year-old Benny who brings a girl home to his parents' empty apartment where he commits a shocking act of casual violence. As with his later Funny Games Haneke poses provocative and challenging questions about voyeurism and depictions of violence. 71 Fragments Of A Chronology Of Chance: Haneke's articulate critique of the isolating effects of western society the media and television in particular is composed of an intricate series of unrelated scenes culminating in an apparently motiveless act of violence. Perfectly paced and executed Haneke's skilful weaving of these tableaux into a coherent and compelling whole is mesmerising and strangely beautiful. [show more]

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25 May 2009
Artificial Eye 
314 minutes 
Box set, PAL 
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Three films by acclaimed Austrian director Michael Haneke, known as his 'Glaciation' trilogy. 'The Seventh Continent' (1989) portrays three years in the life of Georg (Dieter Berner), his wife Anna (Birgit Doll) and their daughter Eva (Leni Tanzer), during which time a psychological blindness leads to the family's self-destruction. The film explores familiar Haneke themes: the bourgeouis family unit, professional success and the price of conformism. In 'Benny's Video' (1992), 14-year-old Benny (Arno Frish) immerses himself in the universe of violent movies to fill the void of his middle-class existence. When he invites a girl back to his home, events take a fatal turn as he re-enacts the focus of his video obsession: the shooting of a pig. The final film in the trilogy, '71 Fragments of a Chronology of Chance' (1994), is a mosaic of 71 film tableaux portraying a number of people and events - otherwise unconnected - in the lead-up to a shooting spree undertaken by an Austrian student at Christmas in 2003.

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