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The Quiet Earth: 'The Quiet Earth' centres around a scientist called Zack who wakes on morning to discover he is alone in the world. The global top-secret energy project (Operation Flashlight) which he has been working on for a year has changed the world. Humanity seems to have been wiped out. Zac begins a frantic search for other survivors. At the same time he has the chance to live out his fantasies. In a world where excess and wealth have no meaning he switches from dwelling to dwelling and vehicle to vehicle. He soon realises the emptiness and loneliness of his... nightmare situation. 'I have been condemned to live' he says. The discovery of two survivors first a woman and then a man sets the scene for a critical struggle for survival and adds an intriguing spiritual and emotional dimension to the film. Visitors Of The Night: They're Watching...They're Waiting...They're Back. Judith (Markie Post There's Something About Mary"") notices some very creepy things are happening around town. She and the town's Sheriff make a chilling discovery the town's teens are disappearing. When they reappear they are suffering from amnesia. Judith is even more troubled when her daughter Katie (Candace Cameron ""Full House"") is missing. When she returns and begins acting strange it soon becomes evident alien powers have taken over the town. Judith must stand up to her fears and rid the town of aliens that have come to claim her daughter. Don't miss the unstoppable excitement of this smart and scary hit! Frenchman's Farm: A woman's car breaks down in the country and when she goes to get help she's whisked back in time to 1944 and witnesses a murder. Returning to her car time reverts to normal but unable to convince anyone of her story she investigates the crime herself... [show more]

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06 May 2006
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