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It would take so little to end his life - but a very special friendship to change it forever.Until the day a fateful motorbike accident paralyses him, Larry McAfee (Gary Cole, American Gothic, Midnight Caller) has led a very contented existence. He is a big hit with the girls, athletic and enjoys an easy-going life with his friends and family. In a split-second, all this changes irrevocably. Now totally dependent on others and shunted from one hostile care home to the next, Larry finds that he has lost not only his purpose in life, but also any control over it. So... he takes a drastic step and initiates legal action to have a special 'switch' installed on the ventilator that keeps him alive so that he can take the choice to end his own life. All Larry wants is the right to live - and die - with dignity.In a landmark legal decision, Larry's wish is granted. But then the controversy starts. Other disabled people condemn his move as a convenient form of euthanasia that will excuse the authorities their responsibility to provide environments where people in Larry's position can lead independent, fulfilling lives. But an even greater obstacle presents itself in the form of a man who is as stubborn, outspoken and cantankerous as Larry himself: talk-show host Russ Fine (Craig T. Nelson, Poltergeist). Russ gets to hear of Larry's plight and wants to air his side of the story. Initially, Larry is suspicious of Russ's motives, but a wary friendship and respect develops between the two men. And so Russ comes to play a crucial part in Larry's brave and captivating story, giving him the means to carry out his ultimate wish while showing him that he can still, despite everything, make his own invaluable contribution to society and improve the lives of those suffering a similar plight. [show more]

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23 April 2012
91 minutes 
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