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The Thrill Of It All (Dir. Norman Jewison 1963): This romantic comedy takes a satirical aim at the frenetic world of television. Happily married Beverly Boyer is the ultimate housewife but her life is about to change dramatically. It seems that the president of a soap company who she has just met sees the clean-cut Beverly as the perfect TV pitchwoman for his product. After the ads air Beverly becomes famous from coast to coast and an even better breadwinner than her husband - who isn't coping with either of these occurrences very well. Can the Boyers patch up their... crumbling marriage before it's too late? Lover Come Back (Dir. Delbert Mann 1961): Jerry Webster (Hudson) and Carol Templeton (Day) are rival Madison Avenue advertising executives who each dislike each other's methods. After he steals a client out from under her cute little nose revenge prompts her to infiltrate his secret VIP campaign in order to persuade the mystery product's scientist to switch to her firm. Trouble is the product is phony and the scientist is Jerry who uses all his intelligence and charm to steal her heart! It Happened To Jane (Dir. Richard Quine 1959): A little-known gem from 1959 this romantic comedy stars Doris Day Jack Lemmon and Ernie Kovacs in a classic tale of a small-town underdog triumph over corrupt big-business interests. Jane Osgood (Day) is a widowed mother who runs a struggling lobster business in coastal Maine while Harry Malone (Kovacs) is a wealthy businessman who has bought out the local railroad. He harbors big plans for it aiming to transform it into a luxury passenger train replacing the freight train the residents of the area depend upon. When a large lobster shipment of Jane's is rerouted and returned to her dead she decides to fight back and sues Malone with the help of her longtime friend and lawyer George Denham. This instigates a battle of increasingly epic proportions as Malone uses every trick in the book--as well as his massive bank account--to quell the resolve of the spitfire businesswoman; Jane for her part has public sympathy on her side. A reporter for the national news doing a story on Jane (Steve Forrest) begins to fall in love with her and she is forced to decide between the romantic journalist and her childhood friend George. The magical pairing of Lemmon and Day is augmented by the beautiful location photography in Maine and a stellar supporting cast including Mary Wickes Russ Brown and a rare film appearance from Kovacs. [show more]

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