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A hip, heart-pounding combination of action, music and incredible aerial photography helped make "Top Gun" the blockbuster hit of the '80s.

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17 April 2019
Paramount Home Entertainment (UK) 
105 minutes 
Dubbed, PAL, Widescreen 
  • Average Rating for Top Gun [1986] - 4 out of 5

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  • Top Gun [1986]
    Graham Webster

    Top Gun is by far the most enjoyable movie ever. This movie has it all, and I'll tell you one thing is for certain,whoever made the casting for this movie, really had a good imagination themselves, because the actors were chosen perfectly. Tom Cruise, Kelly McGillis, Val Kilmer, Tom Skerrit, Anthony Edwards. It's a film by Tony Scott, the music score was composed by Harold Faltermeryer, it's produced by the famous Don Simpson and Jerry Bruckheimer.

    Maverick, (Tom Cruise) one of the best Fighter Pilots in the Navy, fulfils his dreams when he is transferred to Fightertown U.S.A. Alongside him and best friend, his partner Goose, Anthony Edwards, accompanies Maverick in Top Gun. Within their training, they meet Iceman, Val Kilmer, known as the best and favourite fighter pilot to join Top Gun.

    Turn up the volume, get surround sound speakers, a plasma screen, a huge room, a comfortable seat, and of course, the popcorn.
    Sit back and relax, and take off for the ride of your life.

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Filmed at the Miramar Naval Base in San Diego. Tom Cruise stars as a top F-14 pilot who flies by instinct, not by the rule book. Kelly McGillis stars as an astro- physicist whom he falls for during his training at the prestigious Fighter Weapons School.

One of the definitive films of the 1980s, 'Top Gun' is a high-octane, high-concept mixture of slick images, hard action and non-stop music. Tom Cruise plays Maverick, a young fighter pilot enrolled at Naval college, training with the most gifted flyers of his generation, and competing for the prestigious Top Gun award. Maverick soon establishes himself as one of the best in his class, but his insistence on doing things his own way soon brings him into conflict with his superiors and his main student rival: the Iceman (Val Kilmer). Celebrated for its vividly realised flight sequences, its keen sense of style, and featuring the Oscar-winning song 'Take My Breath Away', 'Top Gun' was one of the most popular films of its day.

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