Who Pays the Ferryman? (1977) (DVD) DVD


Jack Hedley stars as Alan Haldane an ex-soldier who returns to Crete, thirty years after fighting alongside the local resistance during the Second World War. Alan is wanting to take stock of his life following the sale of his boat-building business. He wants to look for his beloved Melina, from whom he has heard nothing from in his years away from the island. When he arrives in Crete he finds the ghosts of the past waiting for him, along with those who wish to do him harm. The shadows of his past interrupt and threaten his present happiness. When an old friend tells... him Melina passed away and left a daughter, his daughter, Alan decides to stay on the island to be close to his new family. When he meets Annika (Betty Arvaniti), Melina's sister he falls in love with her. However, he does not take into account the hatred of the elderly Katerina (Patience Collier) who breathes new life into an old feud, and puts his life at serious risk. Torn between fear and desire Alan is slowly but surely separated from the past. According to Greek mythology, when you die Charon, the ferryman, takes you over the River Styx to the realm of the dead, Hades, for this he must be paid. The plot of the series reaches the unbearable pitch of a genuine Greek tragedy by the stunning final episode. The question is: who will die? Who Pays The Ferryman? was originally transmitted by the BBC in 1977. The programme was a major success, watched by millions, the theme tune made the top ten and Michael J. Bird (The Lotus Eaters) established himself as one of the leading screenwriters of the time. This long requested series is exclusively restored and presented here for the first time in the UK, released as a 3-disc DVD. [show more]

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20 February 2012
Eureka Entertainment Ltd 
393 minutes 
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The complete eight-part series of the 1970s BBC drama following former soldier Alan Haldane (Jack Hedley). 30 years after he was stationed in Crete during World War II, Alan returns to the island where he hopes to start a new life after selling his boat-building business. When he gets there he finds out Melina, his former flame, has died but that she gave birth to his now grown-up daughter. He then meets and falls for Melina's sister, Annika (Betty Arvaniti), but his new found happiness is short-lived when the past comes back to haunt him. Episodes comprise: 'Return to Yesterday', 'Some Talk of Alexander', 'Long Shadow', 'A Dead Man to Carry My Cross', 'Receive the Light', 'The Well', 'A River to Cross' and 'The Daughters of Themis'.