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Padua High in Seattle, Washington, has Smarties, Skids, Preppies, Granolas, Loners, and Lovers. The Beautiful People are the jocks and cheerleaders you don't talk to unless they talk to you first.

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08 January 2001
Touchstone Home Video 
93 minutes 
  • Average Rating for 10 Things I Hate About You [1999] - 4 out of 5

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  • 10 Things I Hate About You [1999]
    Sarah MacLeod

    This lovely teen romantic comedy is Shakespeare's Taming of the Shrew set in the modern day. No Shakespearean language like Baz Luhrmann's Romeo + Juliet though, this adaptation is more akin to Clueless (adaptation of Austen's Emma). Although the 90s were full of teen comedies trying to emulate the success of the latter this is the only one with the charm to pull it off. Kat Stratford (Stiles) is the aggressive, cynical and intelligent heroine of the story. She has sworn off dating after a bad experience and seeing this her father takes the opportunity to protect his younger daughter, Bianca, from 'evil men' by saying that she can"t date anyone until Kat does. Bianca lets this rule slip to Cameron, the new kid with a crush on her, and he (along with his friend Michael - played wonderfully by David Krumholtz) sets about finding someone who will date Kat so that he can take out Bianca. But who in the school would date such a scary ball-breaker? Not even the weirdoes and nerds want to try. Eventually they set their sights on Patrick (Ledger) a scary, uncommunicative loner in the metalwork class. They offer him money to take out Kat and he accepts their challenge. After some resistance he manages to get Kat to go on a date with him and she even starts to like him... But what will she do when she finds out he is only with her because he's being paid? As for Cameron - he is shocked to discover that now he's sorted out Bianca's dating problem she isn't as grateful as he thought she'd be as she starts going out with the ridiculously vain Joey instead. Do things work out in the end? You'll have to watch. The title of the film refers to a poem that Kat writes about Patrick which although distinctly teenage is delivered with such passion and pain is guaranteed to have you sniffling. The most notable difference from the Shakespeare original is the lack of sexism (in the original Katherine must be 'tamed' by her new husband) which make it much more palatable to a modern day audience. Kat's resistance and cynicism are given different reasons, one of which being the death of her mother. The relationships between the characters are believable and nice - the love/hate relationship of the sisters in particular. This film also has a whole host of minor but hilarious characters - see Kat and Bianca's father who is obsessed with teen pregnancy, the guidance counsellor writing erotic novels in school time and the English teacher not afraid to talk back to his class. In fact in this film everyone gets a chance to be funny and although there are a whole host of actors it is Heath Ledger and Julia Stiles who dominate the film with their performances. Although this film is more aimed at women and teenagers it is good enough to hold the attention of men as well. It's a delightful watch from start to finish (and the soundtrack rocks!). And once its over you have a hilarious gag reel to watch as well.

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