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The sailor man with the spinach can! The legendary beloved anvil-armed sailor of the seven seas comes magically to life in this delightful musical starring Robin Williams as Popeye who meets all challenges with the unshakable philosophy 'i yam what I yam and that's all that I yam'. Shelley Duvall is Popeye's devoted long-limbed sweetie Olive Oil one of the familiar and loveable characters who joins Popeye in his adventures in the harbour town of Sweethaven. Meet Wimpy an

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07 August 2006
Buena Vista Home Entertainment 
92 minutes 
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  • Popeye
    Edward Howard

    In retrospect, Robert Altman was the perfect director to tackle Popeye's translation to the big screen, although it probably didn't seem that way when this loony, off-the-wall musical first came out. But Altman -- aided by a completely spot-on cast -- has perfectly captured the loose, casual, slightly silly tone of the early Popeye comic strips. Robin Williams was a perfect choice for Popeye, the sailor with the massive arms, loose-legged gait, and mumbled speech. And Shelley Duvall is even more perfect as his gangly love, Olive Oyl. If the movie needed carrying, Duvall could've handled it all by herself; her constant mugging and sharp tongue are consistently fun to watch. But Altman's Popeye offers plenty of other pleasures, too. The ragged musical numbers, all performed by the untrained actors themselves, are great fun. Williams, in a role he was born for, lets loose with a near-constant stream of mumbled non-sequitors and one-liners. This is the rare children's movie which will doubtless prove equally fascinating to adults -- who will probably pick up on a number of double entendres and satiriacl elements that go right over the heads of the kiddies. This is a total riot, funny and wild and out of control, with powerhouse performances driving one of the kookiest movies of all time.

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The classic comic strip and cartoon hero comes to life in Robert Altman's film adaptation of the adventures of the spinach-munching sailor. After he's thrown from his ship during a storm, Popeye (Robin Williams) finds refuge in a quaint seaside town. There he rents a room from the Oyls and meets their daughter Olive (the perfectly cast Shelley Duvall). Olive is engaged to Captain Bluto (Paul Smith), a bully and ruffian who is in charge of collecting taxes for the mysterious Commandant. Popeye, who was orphaned at an early age, is in the midst of a desperate search for his missing father, but what he doesn't realize is that the shipwreck has brought him unexpectedly close to his final destination. In bringing his own distinct vision to E. C. Segar’s legendary hero, Altman creates an atmosphere that is breezy, loose, and filled with slapstick shenanigans. Williams portrays Popeye with a physically comic flair that is both honest and energetic--as do the rest of the cast members, including frequent Altman contributors Duvall, Paul Dooley, and David Arkin. Harry Nilsson’s songs add to the lighthearted affair, making POPEYE an enjoyable family viewing experience all around.

Adventure starring Robin Williams. Buff sailorman Popeye (Williams) arrives in an awkward seaside town called Sweet Haven. There he meets Wimpy (Paul Dooley), a hamburger loving man, Olive Oyl (Shelley Duvall), the soon-to-be love of his life, and Bluto (Paul L. Smith), a huge, mean pirate who's out to make Sweet Haven pay for no good reason. Popeye also discovers his long lost Pappy (Ray Walston) in the middle of it all. With his band of his new friends, Popeye heads off to stop Bluto, and he's got the power of spinach, which Popeye detests, to busk Bluto right in the mush.

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