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RollerBall (2001): Rollerball takes place in the not too distant future and the future is fierce. A notorious renegade sport Rollerball packs arenas all over the world. A global viewership bets and roots for star players Jonathan Cross (Chris Klein) Marcus Ridley (LL Cool J) and their beautiful teammate Aurora (Rebecca Romjin-Stamos) who skate and motorcycle past opponents to score. Despite the danger of the fame the real threat lies in team owner Petrovich (Jean Reno) who sacrifices anything and anyone to maximize ratings which are worth more to him than the final... score. In an heroic move Jonathan and his teammates attempt to expose the corruption and treachery. It's a risky play and the penalty is lethal... Fortress: Christopher Lambert stars as John Brennick a man about to experience the ultimate in criminal punishment - the Fortress. The setting is the United States in the future. With resources scarce and population soaring couples are allowed just one child. Former Black Beret Captain John Brennick and his wife Karen have broken the law. After the loss of their first child Karen is pregnant again. Caught and tried for their crime they are sent to the Fortress the most sophisticated maximum-security prison on the planet a jail built 30 storeys underground and equipped with technology beyond imagination. Each prisoner is implanted with an 'intestinator'; a device designed to inflict severe pain or death for any violation of the prison rules. Unrelenting and unforgiving the Fortress is a hellhole prison of the future. Escape-proof. Built to hold anything...except an innocent man. Future Sport: Wesley Snipes and Dean Cain star in the turbo charged sci-fi thrill ride where the only game is war... The year is 2025 and global tension is rapidly growing between the Hawaiian Liberation Organisation and the North American Alliance. On the brink of war superstar athlete Tre Ramsey (Cain) must fight with all his powers to save himself his team and the fate of his country. The question of the territory is set to be solved by holding a game of futuresport - a violent basketball and skateboarding which requires the utmost skill and agility - hold on to the ball for more than five seconds and electricity shoots through your body. Obike Fixx (Snipes) the creator of the game is coaching the HLO team - who seem willing to play by Street Rules thus increasing the danger level in the high-stakes game. [show more]

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