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Legends Of The Fall: Colonel William Ludlow (Sir Anthony Hopkins) built a ranch in the remote foothills of the Montana Rockies where he brought up his three sons away from the carnage of the Indian wars. Alfred (Aidan Quinn) the eldest is dutiful and reserved Samuel (Henry Thomas) the beloved youngest is compassionate and idealistic while the middle brother Tristan (Brad Pitt) has a wild untameable spirit. Into this masculine world enters Susannah Finncannon (Julia Ormond) a beautiful intelligent woman who stirs a passion and rivalry in all three brothers that will... change the course of their lives and shape their destinies forever. From the rugged prairie lands of 19th Century America to the trenches of World War I and the changing world beyond 'Legends of the Fall' is a sweeping star-studded epic - a passionate journey into the darkest secrets of love betrayal and the unbreakable bonds of blood. First Knight: Set in and around the city of Camelot First Knight is a sweeping epic about love honour betrayal and passion. Lancelot (Richard Gere) a nomadic rogue has no ties no enemies and no fear until that is he meets the beautiful Lady Guinevere of Leonesse (Julia Ormond). Guinevere has promised to marry King Arthur (Sean Connery) not only because his armies can protect her country but because she truly loves him. But her chance encounter with Lancelot as she prepares to enter Camelot stirs conflicting and powerful emotions within her. Arthur welcomes both into his city with open heart little foreseeing how his great capacity for love and trust opens the doors for his own betrayal... The Slipper And The Rose: In Euphrania live two unhappy people - a sad young girl called Cinderella (Gemma Craven) and a proud young prince (Richard Chamberlain) - trapped in two very different worlds. Following the death of her father poor Cinderella has been left in the care of her unfriendly step-mother (Margaret Lockwood) and her two spoilt step-sisters. Meanwhile the Prince of the land has come of age and the King (Michael Hordern) and the Queen want him to marry. His desperate parents hold a splendid ball and invite every noble girl in the land. Cinderella is shunned by her ugly sisters when they leave her behind and flounce off to the ball in their finery. Fortunately her Fairy Godmother (Annette Crosbie) intervenes transforming Cinderella and whisks her off to the ball - and so the love story blossoms in this exquistive movie with music by Richard and Robert Sherman. [show more]

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