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Paul Verhoeven was almost unknown in Hollywood prior to the release of RoboCop in 1987. But after this ultra-violent yet strangely subversive and satirical sci-fi picture became a huge hit his reputation for extravagant and excessive, yet superbly well-crafted filmmaking was assured. Controversial as ever, Verhoeven saw the blue-collar cop (Peter Weller) who is transformed into an invincible cyborg as "an American Jesus with a gun", and so the film dabbles with death and resurrection imagery as well as mercilessly satirising Reagan-era America. No targets escape Verhoeven's... unflinching camera eye, from yuppie excess and corporate backstabbing to rampant consumerism and vacuous media personalities. As with his later sci-fi satire Starship Troopers the extremely bloody violence resolutely remains on the same level as a Tom and Jerry cartoon. The inevitable sequel, competently directed by Irvin Kershner, thankfully continues to mine the dark vein of anti-consumerist satire while being reflexively aware that it is itself a shining example of that which it is lampooning. Sadly the third instalment in the series, now without Peter Weller in the title role, is exactly the kind of dumbed-down production-line flick that the corporate suits of OCP might have dreamed up at a marketing meeting. Its only virtue is a decent music score from regular Verhoeven collaborator Basil Poledouris, whose splendid march theme returned from the original score. On the DVD: Packaged in a fold-out slipcase these three discs make a very collectable set. All are presented in 1.85:1 anamorphic prints, although only the first movie has any extra material worth mentioning. Here the Director's Cut option allows the viewer to see Paul Verhoeven's more explicitly violent versions of Murphy's "assassination", ED-209's bloody malfunction and the shootout finale. These extended sequences are handily signposted in the scene selection menu, and the filming of them can be seen in a sequence of Director's Cut footage. Deleted scenes include "Topless Pizza" ("I'll buy that for a dollar!") and there are two contemporary "making of" featurettes plus a good, new half-hour retrospective. Both the latter and the director's commentary make abundantly clear the Reagan-era satire and are chock full of quotable lines from Verhoeven--"I wanted to show Satan killing Jesus"--and his producer--"Fascism for liberals". Stop-motion animator Phil Tippett gives a commentary on the storyboard-to-film comparisons, and there are the usual trailers and photos. Showing just how much the sequels are rated in comparison, the second and third discs have nothing but theatrical trailers and their sound is just Dolby 2.0 whereas the original movie has been remastered into Dolby 5.1.--Mark Walker [show more]

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04 February 2002
MGM Home Ent. (Europe) Ltd. 
311 minutes 
Box set, Dubbed, PAL, Widescreen 
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A triple bill of sci-fi cops. The first film, 'Robocop', is set in the near future and Detroit's soaring crime rate is unsuccessfully policed by a corporation which plans to build a new city, if its workers can go about unmolested. When its new 'enforcement droid' proves unworkable, a murdered cop (Peter Weller) is wired into a computer-controlled titanium body and set to the task at hand. Unimpressed, 'Robocop' seeks vengeance on all sides in this violent but often funny tale. In the second film, 'Robocop 2', a new model, Robocop 2 (Tom Noonan), is built while Robocop 1 still patrols the streets of Detroit. Robocop 2 is given a maniac's 'soul', thereby setting the stage for a showdown between the two computer constables. Finally, in 'Robocop 3' Robocop is befriended by a young girl whose parents have been killed, and after his partner is killed by the head of a private security firm, he joins a group of rebels to fight back against the evil businessmen. There is a notable fight sequence between a plastic-like robot Ninja and the sluggish metal Robocop, which, together with the rebels hiding out in the derelict General Motors Factory, constitutes a thinly veiled critique of the Japanese car industry from the heart of Detroit - the original motor city.

Please note this is a region 2 DVD and will require a region 2 or region free DVD player in order to play  Dead or alive you&39;re coming with me Robocop (Dir Paul Verhoeven 1987) He&39;s RoboCop And in the near future he&39;s law enforcement&39;s only hope A sadistic crime wave is sweeping across America In Old Detroit the situation is so bad a private corporation Security Concepts Inc has assumed control of the police force The executives at the company think they have the answer - until the enforcement droid they create kills one of their own Then an ambitious young executive seizes the opportunity He and his research team create a law enforcement cyborg from the body of a slain officer All goes well at first Robocop stops every sleazeball he encounters with deadly piercing and sometimes gruesome accuracy But there are forces on the street and within Security Concepts itself that will stop at nothing to see this super cyborg violently eliminated Prepare yourself for non-stop action and adventure in one of the most explosive sci-fi stories you&39;ll ever witness Robocop English language soundtrack only Robocop 2 (Dir Irvin Kerschner 1990) The sizzling sequel to 1987&39;s sci-fi blockbuster brings back "The Future of Law Enforcement" RoboCop to face his greatest challenge ever! Peter Weller returns as the half manhalf machine police officer this time to rid the lawless streets of Detroit of the deadly new designer drug "Nuke" Unknown to RoboCop the evil corporate empire which created him wants to take the city "private" and develop RoboCop 2 a newer bigger and more powerful version to replace the original The script was - in part - written by comic-book genius Frank Miller (Ronin The Dark Knight Returns) Robocop 3 (Dir Fred Dekker 1993) Omni Consumer Products (OCP) the conglomerate that designed RoboCop now owns Detroit The company plans to demolish one of the city&39;s largest neighborhoods to build a gleaming city of the future-after an army of ruthless mercenaries finishes throwing everyone out of their homes But RoboCop sworn to protect the public joins forces with a band of urban freedom fighters battling to save their neighborhood After battling a lethally efficient ninja android and equipped with a new arsenal of hi-tech weaponry RoboCop and the courageous residents take on OCP&39;s private army It&39;s all-out war an explosive street fight that could destroy either the entire city or the evil powers behind the brutal corporate raid

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